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Most frequent questions and answers about Blaberus discoidalis (Discoid) feeder roaches.
Does Wholesale Roaches guarantee live arrival?

Yes, we will not ship your order unless we are confident your discoid feeder roaches will arrive safely.  Please note that we add extra discoid feeder roaches to every order to account for incidental die offs during shipping.

What days do you ship?

If the post office is open we are shipping.

Wholesale Roaches ships live orders via USPS Priority Mail and all other shipments ship via USPS First Class unless otherwise arranged. You will receive tracking information on all orders.


You should expect your order to arrive  in 1 – 4 days. Your tracking information will provide an expected delivery date.


  • Monday to Friday – 9:00am EST
  • Saturday – Ships next business day
  • Sunday – No shipping


  • Friday – December 31
  • Monday – January 17
  • Monday – February 21
  • Monday – May 30
  • Monday – June 20
  • Monday- July 4
  • Monday – September 5
  • Monday –  October 10
  • Friday – November 11
  • Thursday – November 24
  • Monday – December 26
Do you offer tracking?

Yes, every order has tracking.

How do you size and count your roaches?

Our feeder roaches are sorted by gauged holes and counted based on weight.  The size labeled is the smallest part of the body. A roach may be an inch long but only a half inch wide so they can still fit through the gauged holes. 

How do you size and count your roaches?

Our feeder roaches are sorted by gauged holes and counted based on weight.  The size labeled is the smallest part of the body. A roach may be an inch long but only a half inch wide so they can still fit through the gauged holes. We always add extra roaches to account for any incidental deaths.

Do you accept returns?

No, if there is an issue with your order please contact us for immediate assistance.

Which shipping service do you use?

Live Feeder Roaches: USPS Priority, UPS 2nd Day Air, UPS Cubic

All other items: USPS First Class, UPS Ground, USPS Parcel Select

Will my feeder Discoid roaches infest my home?

It is highly unlikely. With their large size, poor climbing ability, and a reliance on high heat and humidity for breeding Blaberus discoidalis are not built to thrive in a typical home environment.

Any container with smooth sides that is over 4 inches taller than the highest object in the bin. For example, a bin with a single egg crate laying horizontally would need to be at least 6 inches tall to prevent your roaches from escaping. Your Wholesale Roaches order comes packed in excelsior which can be transferred directly into your enclosure. Check out our unboxing and bin setup video HERE>>

No, if you select a proper bin you do not need a lid unless you are concerned with keeping bugs out of your bugs. If you do use a lid, check out our blog post on screen selection.

What do I feed my Discoid roaches?

Roaches are omnivorous and will eat just about anything from dried book glue and hair to fresh organic eggplant. We use and recommend a combination of Repashy Bug Burger and Wholesale Roaches roach chow.   The simplest and most cost-effective method is NON-MEDICATED chicken brooding feed with the highest protein content you can find, but fresh vegetables and roots are highly encouraged. Fruit is fine but it is prone to mold and can attract pests quickly.

Do my discoid feeder roaches need water?

Yes, however, to prevent drowning you will want to use water crystals or produce high in water content such as lettuce or cucumber.

What temperature range is safe for my cockroaches?

Blaberus discoidalis are content at a typical building temperature, but discoid roaches can comfortably withstand a temperature range of 59F – 90F. Thermal death is a concern blow 50F and above 95F
(Goode, Lauren Michelle, “Effects Of Thermal Acclimation On The Critical Thermal Maxima Of The Tropical Cockroaches: Blaptica Dubia, Eublaberus Posticus And Blaberus Discoidalis (blaberidae)” (2013). Online Theses and Dissertations. 171. )

What humidity level do my discoids require?
Blaberus discoidalis are content at a typical building humidity of 30%-50%. We do recommend a light misting a few times a week to assist with molting.
Can my discoid feeder roaches fly?

No, adult discoid roaches do have wings which they flutter but they cannot create lift. Discoid roaches do actively glide, and they will hit the ground running so respect the flutter.

Can my feeder roaches bite me?
Yes, but it is highly unlikely. Biting is not a defensive mechanism for roaches. If they are unable to escape your grip or if they mistake you for food a bite can occur which is not painful or dangerous. It feels like a slight nibble and is startling more than anything.
Do my discoid feeder roaches carry disease or other health risks?

Sort of, Cockroaches are not sanitary creatures and do pose a health risk to humans if you do not practice proper sanitation like washing your hands and cleaning surfaces after interacting with your roaches, but they pose no risk to your critters. It is advised that you wear gloves and a mask when interacting with your roaches especially when cleaning or sorting your discoid feeder roach bins. Some people have been known to have, or develop, allergies to a particular cockroach species. For example, I am allergic to the Deaths Head roach (Blaberus craniifer) but not to Discoid roaches (Blaberus discoidalis). The allergic reaction is like any environmental allergen such as pollen or cat allergies.

How long do discoid roaches live?

Blaberus discoidalis is a long-lived feeder roach at 18 – 20 months. Some will live longer some shorter with female discoid roaches living much longer than males on average.

How big are Discoid feeder roaches?

Newborn nymphs are approximately 1/8 inch and adults are 1.5 – 1.8 inches with adult females being noticeably larger than males.

Do discoid roaches stink?

No, happy and healthy discoid roaches do not have a foul odor. When stressed discoids can emit a foul smell temporarily as a defense but it should not be persistent. If your discoid feeder roach bin stinks there is an issue with the bin that you should investigate.

Can I purchase larger quantities of roaches?

No, not currently. At this time Wholesale Roaches is focused on making Discoid roaches abundantly available and affordable for the small to midsized critter enthusiast or breeder. Wholesale Roaches does plan to begin offering larger volume discounts in late 2022.

Do you offer breeder roach colonies?

No, Wholesale Roaches is 100% focused on providing quality, abundantly available and affordable feeder roaches.

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