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  • Discoid

    Medium Discoid Feeder Roaches

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    Are you looking for a midsized nutritious feeder insect? Say hello to the Wholesale Roaches medium discoid roach! Measuring in at 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch, these are the perfect food for medium and juvenile reptiles, amphibians, arachnids, birds, mammals, or any other critter that loves munching on some tasty bugs. These soft-bodied feeders have a juicy center that is packed full of protein, calcium, moisture, and other essential nutrients that your favorite pet needs to stay happy and healthy!

  • Alcatraz Roach Bowl Feeder Dish top view standard XL

    Alcatraz Feeding Bowl

    $1.37$3.50 Select options

    Tired of chasing down the escapees? Our Alcatraz Bowls are the perfect solution to keep your feeder bugs from escaping during feeding time. Made of 100% recycled materials our escape proof roach feeder bowls are a win for the environment too! Our Standard Alcatraz Feeding Bowl is 3.5″ in diameter .75″ tall with an opening of 2.5″. Our XL Alcatraz Feeding Bowl is 5″ in diameter 1.5″ tall with a lid opening of 3.5″

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